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Lunch Visitors at School

There will be no lunch visitors for the first month of school. This will allow our building to make sure lunchroom procedures are understood and consistently practiced by all of our students.  Thank you for your understanding!


Lunch Visitor Procedures:


  • Your must call our office ahead of time to let us know you plan to eat lunch with your child(ren).
  • Only your child will be allowed to eat lunch with you. Adults visiting for lunch must be listed on the student emergency card.
  • If relatives (who are not on your child's emergency contact list) want to have lunch with a student, the parent/guardian must write a note in advance indicating who the special visitor(s) is and the date the visitor will be at for lunch.
  • The visitor’s badge given to you by the office staff when you check-in must be worn on your shirt and must be easily visible by lunch monitors.
  • You may purchase the school lunch or bring one from home. Children may not share food or purchase food for another child. Fast food or food from a restaurant is not permitted as it is against our Wellness Policy
  • The lunchroom visit must take place during the child’s regularly scheduled lunch time.
  • Please help reinforce our school-wide rules while visiting with your child. These include using quiet voices, staying seated, using good manners, and cleaning up your own area after eating.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to remain in the cafeteria for extended lunch time. Children being visited need to return to the classroom when the teacher picks up the class.
  • Please say your goodbyes with your child when the announcement is made to begin packing up, not when students are lining up with their classes. This will help prepare your child for your exit and ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom.
  • Please reserve conversations with teachers for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Teachers are happy to schedule a conference whenever a concern arises, but in the cafeteria, they are focused on transitioning students from lunch to the classroom
  • The visitor is not allowed to take pictures, video, or make audio recordings during the visit.
  • Any questions or concerns must be directed to the principal. 
  • The visitor must not direct concerns to the staff or monitors as these employees are focused on student safety and monitoring.
  • Lunchroom visitors may not visit other areas of the building without prior approval.